How to make the most of a backyard chicken feeder

CHICAGO — The most basic, simplest of human needs is the one that’s right for you.

But when you’re not feeding it, it can become a big burden.

We know this because chickens have been living in homes for generations.

But how do you feed them?

When a chicken wants to get out of a cage or pen, it needs a safe place to get food.

The chicken must eat, but it doesn’t have to.

Chicken can be fed on its own, or a friend or pet can come along to help.

So here are some tips to keep chickens happy and healthy.


Get the right feed for your backyard chickens.

The right kind of chicken feed will give the chicken everything it needs to thrive in your backyard.

That’s because chickens do not live in a cage.

A chicken living in a home environment, or in a pen, has to find food by smell and taste.

Chicken pellets, dry feed, and water aren’t the best for backyard chickens because they’re hard to find, but they’re perfect for those who are in a hurry.


Give them a little more space.

The more space you give your chickens, the more food they can get.

Chicken chicks are able to walk in one spot on a floor without falling over.

You can feed them as much as they want, and they will find that they have plenty of room to run and explore.


Make sure the chicken gets enough water.

A good chicken feed contains lots of water to keep the chicken healthy.

If the chicken’s stomach doesn’t get enough water, it may become sick.

To ensure the chicken has enough water to drink, you can fill the feeder with fresh water.


Let the feeders dry.

Feeders should be kept dry and well-ventilated.

That means they should not have air in them.

If they get wet, the water can get into the feed, causing the feed to overflow and damage the feed.


Don’t forget the nesting boxes.

If you’re keeping chickens in your home, don’t forget to add nesting boxes, too.

These boxes help the chicken get food when the chickens aren’t looking.


Get rid of the litter box.

Litter boxes litter the floors, which is a bad thing because it can make it harder for the chickens to find fresh food.

Instead, place the litter boxes at an angle and put the nesting box inside.


Make your chicken feeders look more like homes.

Make the boxes look like small apartment buildings with open kitchens, and put a chicken feed in each one.

Make them look like a house or condo, with an open back porch and an open backyard.


Have your chicken clean its teeth.

You want your chicken to be chewing on the feed and not being eaten.

Make a big, clean, metal spoon and put it on the table to eat the feed in the cage.

When you’re ready to feed the chicken, remove the spoon and the feed from the cage and put them on the counter.

The spoon can be used as a scratching post to scratch the chicken for a good, long, nutritious meal.


Be careful with the chicken food.

A lot of people think chicken food is too sweet, but that’s not true.

The best chicken feed has a bit of salt in it.

You don’t want to add too much salt to your chicken’s food, and it’s best to leave the salt out of the feed if you’re feeding it to children.

Chicken feed is safe for your kids, too, because it’s made from ingredients that are safe for them.


Get chicken feed delivered.

Some of our best-selling chicken feed is delivered to your door every day.

If your chickens live in your neighborhood, or you want to feed them at your home or office, it’s the easiest way to get their feed.