Watchdog: Animal husbandry in India ‘farce’

Indian authorities are investigating whether a meat-and-potatoes restaurant in the capital, New Delhi, sold its chicken and beef to a Chinese meat supplier. 

The probe comes as a Chinese firm, Hunan Meat, has been ordered to pay an estimated $500 million in penalties to India’s government and the United Nations over animal welfare violations in the country’s largest city.

A government official confirmed the probe and said the authorities are considering whether to fine Hunan and other Chinese companies.

The official, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters that India’s state-run Animal Husbandry Authority had sent an email to the Chinese firm asking it to stop the practice, which it said violated Indian law.

“The Animal Husbrands Association (AHA) has received the email.

It is the AHA’s responsibility to enforce the Animal Husbancry Act,” the email said.

The AHA said it has issued the order to Hunan to cease the sale of chicken and the beef, which were processed in its plant in the city’s east.

India’s Animal Husbrery Authority said on Tuesday that it had received the Chinese company’s notice and would take action if the company complied with the ban.

It said the meat suppliers should immediately stop using animal husbandries and ensure that animal husbandrous practices are not used.

The authority said it had also requested the Chinese firms to halt the meat-packing operations in India and send letters to their customers informing them of the government’s action.

The two Chinese companies involved in the operation did not immediately respond to requests for comment.