How to take a selfie with your dog

The most common question I get when I ask about dog selfies is, “What if I can’t get a picture with my dog?”

My answer?

If you can’t take a photo, it probably isn’t for you.

In fact, you may not even want to pose for the camera.

Here are five tips on how to take the best dog selfie ever: 1.

Choose a dog pose to capture the essence of your animal.

If you’re in the market for a pet-friendly dog, try posing with a playful, energetic dog that can lead you on adventures and create a sense of belonging.

This is one of the most common reasons people pose for photos with their dogs.

You don’t have to choose a pose.

You can just pick one that feels right for you, and then take it. 2.

Get a dog to help you with your photo.

Dogs are great photo assistants.

You could use a puppy or a cute puppy to pose and have a good time with your furry friend.

If your dog doesn’t have a dog-sized arm, get creative and use a small dog to pose.


Try to get a good angle.

Dogs usually prefer their faces to be facing away from the camera and to be directly in front of you.

To make sure you get a nice picture, aim your camera to the ground so your dog can’t be hidden in a tree.

If it’s too far away, your dog will start to panic.

The best way to make sure your dog’s pose is in the right spot is to have them lean forward, with their heads toward the camera so they can see the angle they want to get.


Make sure your selfie is perfect.

Some dog owners try to pose their dog for their own personal pictures, which they then share on social media.

This isn’t a good idea.

Dogs love to be photographed with you, which makes it easier to capture their attention and make the best possible photo.


Don’t take too many pictures.

Some dogs are better suited for selfies than others.

If the dog is easy to pose with, the photo is a winner.

Some are best suited for more complex dog poses, like a head bobbing and tail wagging.

Some people don’t like posing with their own dogs, but this is also an option.

Some animals are easier to pose if you have a companion dog.

If this is your first time, it might be worth trying some dog poses out to see how they are handled.

If not, there are plenty of other ways to take your dog selfie.

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