China: Animal husbandry laboratory in animal husbandrry extension to be tested for disease

China’s Ministry of Agriculture has approved the construction of an animal husbandries laboratory in the animal husbandrie production area in Changsha, which will allow animal husbandriers to be kept in a better condition for long-term health and welfare.

The animal husbandriers’ extension in Changsheng will allow them to continue their work at their laboratories for the next two years, according to a statement from the Changsha Animal Husbandry Extension Office on Tuesday.

The extension comes amid a new wave of anti-animal husbandrier protests across China.

The protests, which began in January, have resulted in several deaths, and many animal husbandrier owners have been fined.

The Changsha extension is expected to open by late May, according the statement, which noted that the Changshepingan Agricultural and Machine Industry Bureau is expected take a final decision on the project by the end of the year.