Haryana Gov. Chavan’s pet rabbit ‘shares his joy’: ‘I don’t want to have to kill it’

Haryanand said he will keep a “sadistic” attitude toward animals in the state, but he said he does not plan to “kill” the rabbit.

“I have no intentions of killing him,” Chavan said.

“He is a pet of mine and we have a relationship with him.

He is my pet.

He knows the pain and suffering of animals and has a big heart.”

More: Chavan, who is a former president of the Association of Pet Owners of India, has come under fire for using the phrase “human rights violator” to describe animal rights activists.

But he did not back away from the term.

“The word human rights violators is a term that we use to describe the abusers of animals,” Chavans spokesman Vikas Gupta said.

Chavan said the state government will take “appropriate measures” to ensure the rabbit is cared for and fed.

Animal husbandry is a contentious issue in India.

While the country’s animal welfare laws are often criticised for their lax enforcement, the practice has become more prevalent in the country over the last decade.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 2.4 million animals, mainly domesticated animals, in India, with over 400,000 being kept as pets.

The country has an estimated 100,000 illegal animal farms, according to the Animal Welfare League, a national non-profit advocacy group.

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