A dog-training video that’s a ‘must watch’

It’s hard to think of any video that captures the essence of what animal husband, or pet husbandry, is like.

In fact, it’s almost impossible.

There are no training videos, no videos that offer you the best advice for the pet you are training, no video of the best places to find a new owner, and few videos of the process of buying a new pet.

The videos are a must-watch.

Here are the best videos for dog-hating owners.1.

Dog-Hating Owner-Founder Takes on ‘The Truth About Training’Article By Amy LohmanDog-hater Amy Lofman has a very different opinion on the topic of dog training than most.

Lofman, a certified trainer who has worked with dozens of dogs, and her husband, has a more practical, and sometimes even more scientific approach to training their dogs.

The couple started their dog training business, PetPets, in 2016 and has since sold more than a dozen pet training products to clients, from pet-friendly pet stores to pet-supply stores.

They say their dog-loving clients are looking for the most up-to-date information on dog training and training methods.

“We are not the first people to write about this topic, but we are the first ones to put the facts in the context of what people have been doing for years,” Lofmans said in an email to FoxNews.com.

The video below, posted by Lofmens and her company on her Facebook page, shows her husband and three other pet trainers, including her husband’s partner, discussing their pet training methods and the importance of adopting a dog-friendly approach.

“The truth is, dogs are not stupid,” Lohmans says in the video.

“They have a lot of intelligence and the more intelligent they are, the more they want to do things that are in their best interest.”

Lofmans and her team use this information to train their dogs and provide a wide range of information on the industry, from dog-safety tips to the most effective techniques for training your pet.

The best part of her videos is that she actually explains why dogs are different from other animals.

“It’s a lot more difficult to talk about this than you think,” she said in the email.

“You have to explain it to someone.

I think the best part is you can get a real understanding of what it is you’re doing.”

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Lohmans, a licensed pet animal trainer, also shares tips on how to train your dog in the videos.

“People often think of dog trainers as being a bit of a hippy type,” she explained.

“But they are very passionate about what they do, and they do it with a passion.”

“The more information you put in, the better,” she added.

“That is how we train dogs to be a part of our families.”

You can see more of Lofs video below: