Animal husbandry interns help vets with pets

ANIMAL BROTHERS, the Animal Husbandry internship program for veterinary interns, is offering free veterinary internship to students interested in animal husbanding, according to a news release.

Animal Husbanders are currently recruiting internships at veterinary hospitals across the United States.

In addition to animal husbanders, interns will be assigned to work with laboratory staff and to provide technical assistance with research and clinical testing.

The program is sponsored by the Veterinary Society of America, which also offers internships to veterinary students.

To apply, visit

The position is available from July 1 through December 31, and interns will receive $30 per hour plus travel and meals, according the news release, which was issued Tuesday.

Internships at Veterinary Hospitals and the veterinary internship programs at the American Veterinary Medical Association are open to the public, and students must be current students enrolled in a veterinary program at an accredited veterinary school.

Veterinary internship offers available at VetConnect, VetRec, VetEducation, VetConnect2, VetEducators, VetSchool, VetCareer, VetLink, VetPrograms, VetNetwork and VetCareers.

For more information, visit the VetConnect website.

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