B.C. man charged in killing of bull terrier, dogs

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C.-based animal husband of two bull terriers killed his wife’s three dogs and her other bull terrenes on the weekend in Coimbatores in northern India, a court has heard.

The court was told the incident happened on Saturday when the husband and his two bull dogs went out for a walk near their farmhouse, said Raghuram Rajagopalan, the lawyer for the husband.

They were in the process of getting their cattle out when they came across two dogs and their other bull dog in the fields.

The husband and dogs were rushed to a veterinary clinic and the dogs were euthanized, the court was informed.

The lawyer for B.A. Patek, the owner of the two bulldogs, said his animals were all vaccinated and all had received veterinary tests.

The two dogs died within the next 48 hours, he said.

Patek has pleaded not guilty to cruelty to animals.

He has been charged with killing the dogs.