The BBC has a big announcement coming for its upcoming TV show Animal Farm. Here’s how it all went down.

MTV News is proud to announce that Animal Farm will premiere its new series on BBC One on Monday, March 31st.

This series is a collaboration between BBC Worldwide and Animal Farm producer and writer-producer Simon Pegg.

It will see the first three seasons of Animal Farm: The Second Series in a UK exclusive digital streaming platform, on BBC1 from March 31 to April 3.

In addition, it will be available on BBC America, iTunes and Amazon Prime on April 3, April 6 and April 7.

Here’s what’s in store for the first season: The first season of Animal FARM is a massive journey into the lives of a ragtag band of animals who live in a rural town called Fayetteville.

The show takes place in the world of the show, in the year 2017, but it also covers the lives and times of many of the characters on the show.

The first episode, which aired on February 13th, sees two dogs, Filly and Dobby, struggling to survive on a farm in a state of starvation.

It follows Filly’s journey through a farm that is almost as small as Fayette, a town with its own peculiar customs and rituals.

In the final episode, Fiddle and Ducky must return to Fayette after being stolen from the family they have been trained to serve.

The journey continues through the town’s local animals, including the local pigs and pigskin dogs.

It’s an interesting glimpse into a world of animal husbandries and their inhabitants.

In fact, the series will see Filly finally being reunited with her old owner, Mr. Smithers.

The series is being produced by BBC Worldwide’s Animal Farm production team and Pegg will be executive producer.

Here are some highlights from the new series: Animal FARM will take viewers inside the lives, relationships and adventures of the animals that make up the farm, from the small, furry creatures to the giant pigs.

The animals will live their lives with dignity, even though they are not humans. 

The series also follows the adventures of Filly, Dobby and their dog, Daisy, as they discover that the farm’s pigs have been infected with a disease that has been spreading throughout the town. 

As Daisy and Filly struggle to survive in the town, Daisy must also overcome her own prejudices and learn how to trust her new family. 

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