Animal husbandry app baramula gets approval from regulator

Animal husbandries application has cleared its first regulatory hurdle, allowing the app to be used in South Australia, according to a regulatory statement released today.

The application for a license to operate baramulas in South Africa has been received by the Department of Animal Welfare and Community Services (Dawes), which approved the application last month, said the regulatory statement.

In the approval, the department said baramuls can be kept on a range of surfaces including the ground, walls and ground floors, as well as under beds.

The application is also required to ensure that baramuli are housed in accordance with the local regulations.

Dawees Deputy Commissioner for Animal Welfare Peter Jones said the application would be considered by a licensing body, which will take a final decision on the application and whether to approve or reject the application.

It is a very significant step forward for baramul in South Australian and this is a big step for the industry, he said.

DawES is currently assessing the application, which has been in the planning stages for over a year.

“We are working with the applicant on the licensing application and will work with them on the finalisation of the application,” Jones said.

“The application to the South Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWRS) has been approved and is being reviewed and assessed.”

Jones said barams can be housed in two different areas, which may include under beds and ground floor.

Baramulas are a very popular food in South South Australia and they are being exported overseas.