How to breed dogs in Kashmir

An application to breed a small dog in Kashmir has been lodged by a man who claims he was unable to get the animals into his home.

The application, titled Small dog breeding, has been filed with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in Poonch.

It says the small dogs will be bred from the stock of other animals in the region.

The petition says the dogs were being kept as pets at the time of the incident and the man had sought permission from the Agriculture Department to sell the dogs as pets.

The petition says he was given permission but was unable for some time to breed the dogs in his home and eventually had to move to another city.

The petitioner, who has been living in Pungra village for more than 25 years, says he is unable to afford the expensive veterinary treatment.

The case has received a lot of media attention and is being watched closely by animal welfare activists who believe the government should act quickly to save the animals.