How to make sure your pet is healthy after he or she dies

Animals in Australia suffer from a variety of health problems, including the potential for infection, so it’s important to know the signs of infection and the steps you can take to protect your pet.

The Victorian government is working with the Victorian Animal Welfare Council (VAWC) to advise people about what to do if their pet dies from an illness.

In Victoria, people can report their pet to VAWC’s 24-hour emergency line on 1311, and if they suspect they may have contracted an infection they can go to a veterinary clinic for testing.VAWA recommends people who suspect their pet may have a communicable disease go to their local hospital or veterinary clinic to receive a test result, and the person must stay for at least 24 hours.

People can also report their dog to VawC’s Emergency Animal Response Centre on 1320.

If a pet dies in a hospital, the VAWA Emergency Animal Support Team will be dispatched and will collect samples of the pet’s body for testing, and help people prepare for funerals.

VawC recommends people not leave their pets unattended in the house.