How to breed a wildcat to be a good husbandry dog

The Israeli military is reportedly preparing to create a new breed of domestic cat called the “wildcat.”

The news comes a day after a video surfaced showing the animals being bred at a breeding facility.

The video was shot on October 5 in a park in the Negev Desert, according to a report in the Haaretz newspaper.

The animals were being bred to be better husbandry dogs, the newspaper said.

The report said the animals were brought to Israel by a private animal breeder and sold to Israeli animal rescue organizations.

The IDF had previously reported on the research.

The Israeli government had previously approved the creation of an animal husbandy organization, the Israel Animal Welfare Association, but it has not yet been established.

The animal husbandies are meant to “create a more humane and environmentally friendly alternative to the commercial husbandry industry,” according to the ministry of public health.

The government had announced in July that it had approved a plan to create an animal care center to train the country’s domestic cat breeders.

The country is also set to introduce new legislation to regulate the breeding and use of domestic cats.