How to train a cat to eat meat

CATS are not the only species that can be trained to eat beef.

Now a research team from the University of Illinois is making a cat the star of a new television show that will focus on its diet.

The series, which premieres on CNN in April, will show the lives of five cats that will feed on beef.

One of the first episodes will focus largely on how to keep the cats happy, but the team is also hoping to draw attention to the plight of the animals, the study’s lead author, Dr. Amy Cuddy, said in a statement.

The show will feature a cat named Marigold, who is trained to live on meat products like beef and pork.

“Our goal is to help these cats live longer, healthier lives by creating a program that will make their lives better and more rewarding,” Cuddy said.

“There is no other animal on earth that can live on the meat that they eat.”

The research team first noticed a trend in cats.

“We’ve always been interested in how to teach cats to be active, but this was a completely different animal that we wanted to do a study on,” Cuddle said.

The research showed that the cats have a “very high tolerance” for meat, and that they will eat it even if they have no interest in eating it.

The cats will eat beef, lamb, and pork, but will also sometimes consume eggs and eggsplants.

The team was able to train the cats to recognize the meat by using a “food mask” to mark the meat on their paws and the food on their tongue.

The mask is made from a small metal plate that the cat can place on its food.

If the cat is hungry, the plate can be removed and the mask can be worn by the owner.

The researchers said the mask was effective at removing the meat from the animals paws, which is what the researchers found to be the most difficult part of the training process.

“One of the things we discovered is that it’s not just the cat that has to be hungry, but also the owner,” Cuddys research assistant, Dr, Amy Dyer, told ABC News.

“The owner needs to be able to remove the mask, but not put it on the mask or remove it completely.

The cat does not need to be in a position to remove it because the cat has the knowledge that it will eat the food.”

The researchers say the mask worked well in testing several different food types.

The scientists were able to feed the animals a variety of different foods without them eating any of the foods they had been trained to associate with the meat, according to ABC News affiliate WGN-TV.

Cuddy hopes the show will help raise awareness about how animals are being mistreated and killed for food, and also highlight the importance of keeping the animals fed and healthy.

“This is a big issue that we all need to talk about because this is an issue that affects millions of animals around the world,” she said.