How to take care of animals: Humane husbandry

HILARIOUS BEAR, CA — As a member of the Humane Association of California, I have seen the benefits of animal husbandries.

They help keep our animals healthy, happy and safe.

But some of us also have concerns.

How do we safely care for and adopt a stray dog?

How do animals with medical problems and injuries get adopted?

I recently wrote a book about humane animal management and animal husbandy.

And, for me, the answers are not as simple as, “it all depends on the circumstances.”

I understand the need for humane animal handling and adoption, but do we have the skills and training to handle and adopt an injured animal?

Is there a better way?

I hope this book helps you understand the issues you may encounter when it comes to adopting an injured or sick animal.

If you are a parent or caretaker, I hope this will help you understand what is at stake and what you should do to get the best possible outcome for your pet.

I have found that adoption is the best solution for many animals and this book is meant to help you in your decision-making process.

The following questions are questions I want to answer in this book.

You can read the book by clicking here.