Which animals can be commercial animal husband, if they’re in good health?

The Government has proposed that commercial animal farming operations, which are often used to slaughter large numbers of animals for food, can now be considered animal husbandries if they are in good, healthy health.

In an amendment to the Agriculture (Conservation) Act, 2016, the Animal Husbandry (Care and Protection of Animals) Minister Anil Baijal said commercial animal farm operations could be considered as animal husbandrages if they were in good condition.

Baijal’s proposal comes in the wake of a series of controversies and scandals surrounding commercial animal meat production, which have been the subject of scrutiny in the state over the past two years.

According to the state government, there are more than 200 commercial animal farms operating in Karnataka, of which more than 400 are in the city of Bengaluru, which has witnessed the worst violence in the country’s recent past.

The State government has launched an audit in December last year into the safety and welfare of the more than 1,000 commercial animal and meat processing establishments in Karnasaheb and several neighbouring districts.

According a senior official of the state Animal Huskrishan Committee, an animal welfare NGO, the proposal was welcomed by many animal lovers.

However, the amendments to the Act did not go down well with some animal rights activists who said that commercial farm slaughter was a major violation of animals’ rights.

Bijal said that the amendments would allow the State government to have the authority to take action against any person found to be violating the law, even those who are not engaged in commercial animal slaughter.